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Calling 2020 High School Seniors

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

It's summer and school is the last thing on your mind . . . but maybe your high school senior photos shouldn't be. Hurry in before school starts and receive a 20% discount on your senior photo order!

You want your images to look their best and summertime is great for that sun kissed look. And why not get them done before the busy senior year starts?

At Happy Chick Photography, no two senior sessions are alike! We have recently redone our senior page with fresh images and information. We have also recently started a blog featuring our favorite sessions and will periodically update our website with even more fun images. Will your images be featured next? WE HOPE SO!

Don't trust your senior's milestone photos to just anyone with a camera. After all, this is probably your last chance to get them to cooperate for a photo session, at least until their wedding day! LOL! Let's make it count!

You can message me at christy@happychickphoto.com to book your high school senior photos. You won't regret it!

kansas city high school senior photography

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