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Christy's Story

Why I'm "Happy Chick"


Growing up in Manhattan, KS, I was fascinated by the world of photography, thanks to my father.  He was a hobbyist photographer and I was his little assistant in the darkroom.  My journey continued through my local 4-H group, where my dad served as an instructor, deepening my love and skill for photography. 

Life soon took me on a different path into the corporate world, but my heart always yearned for photography.  It was on a honeymoon in Africa that ignited the spark once again.  Armed with a shiny new camera I bought for the trip, I took the leap of faith and founded my own photography business (I had to pay off that new camera somehow!).  I knew if I could do this full time, that I would be a "happy chick".  That was in 2004 and since then, I've been following my passion ever since!  


When I'm not behind the lens, I love spending time with my husband, enjoying live music around Kansas City, and embracing the wonders of nature.  Recently, I even discovered the world of beekeeping (again from my father) and even though it comes with a few stings, the awe I have for these special creatures outweighs the occasional "ouch."


The beauty of my work lies in the heartfelt connections I create with families like yours.  From tender moments shared between parents and children to the love among siblings, every portrait tells a unique story.  Life's most precious memories deserve to be preserved, and I consider it an honor to capture these moments, leaving you with treasured images that will forever hold the essence of your family's love and joy.




Kansas City Award 2022.jpg
Giggster award best portrait photographer 2021 award Christy Lonergan Happy Chick Photography
Top Newborn Photography Award Kansas City
2019 Local Best Top 5 Photographer Happy Chick Photography Christy Lonergan award
Expertise Maternity Photography Award 2018.jpg

Christy is an award winning full-time professional photographer based in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.  Her playful approach, inviting demeanor and abundance of patience form the perfect blend that helps capture the love and relationships of children and families.  Since starting her business in 2004, Christy has been honored with multiple prestigious awards.  Committed to ongoing learning and growth, she constantly seeks fresh ideas to ensure her clients are consistently amazed and delighted by the beautiful images she creates. 

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