Family and Child Portrait Photography

We take the time to capture those moments you're looking for. 


Photos can be taken in-studio or on-location, and we have multiple spots around the Kansas City area that we love to photograph at, or we can photograph at your favorite location as well. 


If you would like your photos at an outdoor location... ask about our favorite spots to photograph! Some outdoor places require permits, but usually we can find plenty of locations that are free to photograph at. Time of day makes a huge difference, and we try to stick with morning/evening time frames for the best lighting and to avoid squinty sun-filled eyes. Contact us and we will discuss the details of what you are looking for. 



After the initial phone conversation, we sit down for an in-person consultation (usually 15 or so minutes in length) where we discuss outfits, location, and the details of what you are envisioning for your photo shoot.  If we do this consultation in your home, I can even help you determine where to hang the beautiful images, and what sizes will fit perfectly on the wall.  I understand your time is valuable, and I only take as much time as we need to get the details.

The day of the photo shoot, I block out 1 hour for your portrait session, but you we won't rush and will take as much time as we need.

Then about a week later or so later, we will get together to view the beautiful images.  I may take a hundred images, but will pull out the blinks, the blurry ones, and the duplicates to only show you the best so it's not overwhelming, and will help you through the selection process.



As a full-service, boutique studio, it is important to me that I serve my clients on the highest level.  I get to know who I am photographing before the session and get all the details necessary so that I can work in a manner to create the beautiful artwork you are wanting.  This information gives me the plan for what I will focus the day of the photo shoot.  I've had clients who didn't do the in-person consultation be so disappointed when we got together for the image selection process because they saw samples of what others had done and wanted that as well.  Because we hadn't planned that as part of the photo shoot, I didn't photograph in that manner.  This is especially true if I was photographing for a beautiful wall portrait only to find out later that they also wanted an album, which I photograph differently for.  These things all get sorted out in the in-person consultation so we have a precise plan of the look and feel of the artwork and products you are wanting.