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Getting the Best Newborn Portraits

Let me first begin by saying CONGRATULATIONS! This is such a special time of life and no doubt the coming year will be filled with amazing experiences and precious moments as you welcome a new little one into your family.

When you have a baby of your own, your whole world changes. The phrase "moments are fleeting" takes on a new meaning, as you begin to understand just how quickly time passes with your precious little one. Babies change and grow so quickly -- especially in those early days of their life.

Booking a newborn session will help you capture these moments in time. . . moments that you will never get back. These are more than just photos, these are memories frozen in time that you can go back to year after year to remember how special those new moments really were.


Expect your newborn photography experience to be easy and relaxed. My goal with each session is to make things as seamless as possible on you. I believe that when you hire a photographer, it should be someone who you connect with and feel comfortable with -- and that is exactly what I strive for.


So many of the cute newborn images we find online are of sleeping babies and to best capture those images, it is best if baby is 1-2 weeks of age. At about the 3 week mark, baby starts to get more active, and they are already growing and oftentimes can begin to outgrow the little newborn wraps and baskets.

If you know your due date, we can get you on the calendar at any time, scheduling within what we expect to be the 1-2 week mark. Of course we never know when baby will actually arrive, so I typically can move the session earlier or later, if need be.

Keep in mind that Saturdays always book first, oftentimes 2 months out on the calendar! Weekday sessions have much more flexibility, and this can be accomplished when the spouse has time off for the baby.


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