Smash Cakes


FIRST BIRTHDAY SMASH CAKES are so much fun!  Cake smashes can be simple or have fun party decorations.  We record all those adorable faces from the first taste to the messy destruction of it.  It's such a memorable way to celebrate your little one's first year!

NOTE:  You are responsible for bringing the cake, we'll take care of the rest!

We start with the 1 year session PRIOR to bringing out the cake.   Family/sibling photos can also be done at this time.  Then once the fun begins, I have cleanup towels ready on the sidelines in case he/she is done and tries to get away . . . trying to leave a frosting trail behind.  

Parents may get messy at this point, as once the baby is done he/she doesn't want to be cleaned up.  You may be picking up a frosting-covered baby to help with the cleanup process.  An extra outfit for baby and parents are advised.  Expect a sticky mess!!