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Maternity Session - what to expect

I love photographing that unique glow of a mama-to-be as she is expecting and ancitipating bringing a new life into the world. It is such a magical time.

Your maternity session can either take place in studio or on-location outdoors. I typically like to schedule maternity sessions somewhere between 4-6 weeks PRIOR to your due date.

You can expect your maternity photography experience to be easy, relaxed and fun. My goal with each session is to make things as seamless as possible on you. I don't want any poses you're not comfortable with. Yet, will do any poses you wish (how much of your body is revealed is all up to you!). These can be totally clothed, or can be more sexy boudoir style.

I believe that when you hire a photographer, it should be someone who you connect with and feel comfortable with. When you decide to work with me, you will receive the highest level of client care, and I also hope that you will feel comfortable to see me as a friend through this experience.

We can always include photos of your significant other and children as well.

My schedule can be booked out a month or so, depending on the season, so please get in touch as soon as possible to book me as your maternity photographer.

It brings me joy to know that you and your children will be able to look back at your photos and treasure these memories in the years to come.


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