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HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS - don't miss out on your photos too!

Yes, it's so sad that you've missed out on your fun-filled senior year but all is not lost . . . you can still have fun with your senior photos!

Let's make the best of it. . . grab your favorite outfits, even grab your favorite friend and let's do photos! As you look back over the years at your senior pictures, you'll realize the significance of how they captured a huge milestone in your life! Besides, how often do you get to do a whole portrait session with outfit changes and cute poses? You won't have this opportunity again!

Plus, this is the last time most parents will get professional portraits of their child until their wedding day!!! YIKES!

Call/text 816-560-0335 or email christy@happychickphoto.com to check availability and to get more info.


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