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What To Expect during a newborn session

So you're wanting to get photos of your newborn but are curious about what to expect? Do you wonder how we get those peaceful looking images? What will the parents be doing at the session? Let me shed some light as to what really happens during a newborn photography session.


Babies are happy if they are warm. We have blanket warming devices and space heaters to help bring up the temp near your new little one. This helps baby feel comfortable and most importantly . . . SLEEPY!


We have tons of matching hats, headbands, and blankets that you can choose from. We also take care of all the props, from mini baby beds, baskets, and more. We also have all the wraps needed to keep your little one cozy and secure while looking great for photos! Do you have a special prop you'd like to incorporate into the images? Great! But please be sure to notify us in advance so we can properly prepare.


Though most of the work is done by us, occasionally we need an extra hand and will ask parents to help. Usually this is holding the baby's position while I get back to the camera, or we might even use parent's hands in the photos as well. This helps to show just how tiny Baby is when next to daddy's hands, etc.


We've done quite a few baby sessions in our day, and have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves. While it's easiest to photograph baby within the first 2 weeks of birth when they are most calm, sometimes even this can get difficult with a fussy baby. We find that feeding baby at the studio just prior to the session getting started is a great way to relax and sooth the baby in preparation for what lies ahead . . . CUTE BABY PHOTOS!!!

Have more questions on how your session will go? Please contact us! We love talking all things Baby!!


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